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Baby I Would Run lyrics

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JASMINE THOMPSON lyrics : "Baby I Would Run"

I hear you cry I hear you weep
I watch you turning in your sleep
It breaks my heart and I can't take it anymore
I wish that I could give you what you're longing for

I know it's right I know it's true
The love I have inside for you
I never realized the things you've given up
So we could have a life baby it's been tough

And in my mind I know it's wrong
Holding back my love so long
If I could go back and undo the things I've done
If that were possible baby I would run
(end chorus)

If I were a millionaire
I'd spend away all your cares
I'd buy a smile and put it on your pretty face
Pay off your worries they'd be gone without a trace

But you know me I've not a dime
I couldn't buy an ounce of time
And lately I've been slacking on the love I give
But I'm here to tell you baby you're all I live for

(repeat chorus)

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