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Knock Out lyrics

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JAKE MILLER lyrics : "Knock Out"

[Verse 1 - Jake Miller]
yeah waddup Vers haha
uh uh im a walkin rappin time bomb
yeah im bout to blow up
manditory evacution every time i roll up
but when i detonate, the world wont know what to do with it
cause this gon be a crime scene when me and vers are through with it
and bring it back
they say my flow is nuts you can find it in the sack
haha sorry momma, i dont know what got into me
still dont know my name by now? man you most be kidding me
multi platnum attitude got a grammy on lock
ive been practicing my speech since before i learned to talk
now im red carpet, every show im rockin,
yeah im doin work i hit the studio and clock in
back in high school id over hear em talkin bout me
there the goes the rapper kid, even teachers were laughin at me
but while you were teachin metaphors and analogies
i was packin shows, makin 20 times your salary

[Verse 2 - Ver's]
I don't see No beef like a vegetarians refridgerator,
99 problems and all of em haters,
I just erase em like I'm writing on word,
dudes a damn platypus no phiness and ferb,
yep started with a video it took over the world,
now i get paid to fly out and hang with beautiful girls,
Its funny cause back then they wouldve never acknowledged me,
now those same girls are all sending me apologies,
Say they falling in what? Girl, love is too strong,
The bandwagons soo full but girl u can run along,
yeah, Unless you pretty and carry yourself a nice figure,
And always smile like you taking profile picture,
You gorgeous girl don't let anyone tell you otherwise,
I just don't get how you single these dudes must be blind,
12 rounds you looking scared dont hop out,
circle tighter than virgins square dudes get boxed out

[Verse 3 - Jake Miller]
yeah uh round 2 now im comin for the knock out
but this time i aint playin like my seasons on lockout
yeah i never quit, i never stop, i never sleep
cause time is money, and this life im livin isnt cheap
i used to rap about my dreams now im livin em
i used to ask for autographs and now im given em
im too sick for medicine, they tellin me to get well
takin over the world, but startin with the FL
i just aint just a trend, but lately ive been trending baby
blue check beside my name, so call me maybe?
haha but i aint got the time to chitter chatter
busy handin rappers asses to em on a silver plater
im on the come up, thanks to all of yall
but will i ever make it? well you can make the call
uh yeah this my theme song every time i walk out
we heavyweight champs, vers hit em with the knock out

[Verse 4 - Ver's]
Long hair don't care like a bums do,
You all a midget to a giant like you one two,
switched it up starting making some more commercials things,
Now my songs getting pitched to be on commercials kid,
I'm not rich but i know I won't die trying it,
I never grew up to be a product of my environment,
Its time to kick it like putting down a recliner,
So many women eenie meenie mine moe jake I found her,
You don't know youre beautiful and that's what makes you beautiful,
Word to one direction and baby its that you should know,
Haha girl I'll put you to bed like holiday,
After working u out like shaun t,
If there's anything I know you will say,
Is probably how much u missing me,
And baby I'm so sure like I'm all in,
coming off the dome... balding
The lights are off but she says that she sees alot in me,
She said your hot like the metal piece when you ironing,
I said im yours like I'm leasing the girl some property,
But then again I say that to every girl I see crossing me
You say you love me well baby just get in the line,
Cause the underdogs off the bench and is playing the starting 5,
And yeah this long awaited perfected flow I created,
Got girls in the globe trynna sleep on me no sedation,
The game is mine like I pre ordered me a copy,
And I'll be rapping till my voice is more horse than jockey
i said the game is mine like I pre ordered me a copy,
And I'll be rapping till my voice is more horse than jockey waddup!

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