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It's You lyrics

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JAE MILLZ lyrics : "It's You"

Ladies and gentlemen
I go by the name of Jae Millz
Justin Case, Marlyn New York City
That's it
It's really here

I'm a father who's
child in this world livin'
Just chillin', spittin'
This verse from my iPhone just ringin'
My lyrics get mo' po'
in the oda I'm getting

Young niggas like, what can
I give 'em? Like wisdom
Oh, not to mention some dope
ass music you can play when
you're getting dressed
Man, it's like I make theme
music for getting fresh
Smoke medicated every day,
fuck a cigarette
You would think I was Mike's
son, I got all the Jords

Sneaker boxes galore, my closet
have a storage waz
Somebody feel they in need,
they could come record
I look the new world's mirror and
asked who was the doppest you ever saw in the city
I'm a father who's child in
this world livin'
Still chillin', still tryna
remain sucker free and get this chicken
My new Sedan hard like MOP halls

And it's still MOP, yea,
money over pigeons
Ain't no all on my marble
floors, baby I ain't slippin'
I enticin' in yo game showin' Givens
But my birthday in this year,
in Houston I was double cup
Throbe on, that's disrespectful
to pimpin' if I wasn't sippin'
That's just G shit, fuck a rap song
Ask Bun if you think I'm
just puttin' words in rap form

My sline ain't gave me a
chance in the platform
Now my town hype cuz a fool is what I act for
Yea, Yankee feel it, low cuts
Spend mo' money on my belt
than the jeans they holdin' up
Like my ex down in the dust,
I don't care how she holdin' up
Humor from a beamered up bus
so who's the real asshole?

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