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Photomaton feat. Wildstars lyrics

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Jabberwocky lyrics : "Photomaton feat. Wildstars"

Verse 1:

I left you miles aways, can't feel your breath in my hairs
It seems to be years, and I'm alone and fake
If this world is too small to be two, a world without sens if I'm without you
It's always, the wrong ways, there's no return to life so get your car and drive
Look at the game of your life, you've never took all the dice
After all, curtain falls, there's no return to life so get the car and die


Waiting for hope babe
There's no more light in my sky!
See the pills in my hand
I'm running through your lies
You've got nothing to say
Till' I'm crossing the line!
But you can't kill my name
Demon's coming tonight

Verse 2:

The dolls inside me cave in
Blood and tears on my skin
My wounds bring up my fear
But i like this last grip
I just wanna rid me of my pain
This happy violence is beating in my veins
It's always, the wrong way
There's no return to life, I'm in the car and drive

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