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Our Promise lyrics

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J-REYEZ lyrics : "Our Promise"

(verse 1)
the good times and the bad times, and everything that we did it for
I need air, and I can't breathe without you, what am I living for?
tired of all the BS and all the stress that been building up
everything that we been through, do we gotta ask if it's real enough?
headphones to block the world 'cause everybody be in our ear
this suppose to be our year, it's everything that we both feared
it's you and me, we here right, you close to me in nearsight
make a wrong turn, we steer right, we got our goals, career life
every night, you're the first, the last, my everything, Barry White
we lovers and friends and we very tight and don't believe the contrary hype
we still got another century, just cruising, we not done
we can leave town, just us two, we load up and you shot gun
the last would subdue me and f*ck everybody that knew me
this love ain't forever, doesn't last like a movie
but we carry on and we live life, do everything to get right
all I need in this life of sin, my girlfriend, this night

if the world would end tonight, I know I would have you by my side
down to ride 'til the very end, you're all I need in this life of sin
always here to wipe your tears, thick and thin, through all these years
down to ride 'til the very end, you're all I need in this life of sin
it's us against the world, just you and me, my girlfriend
it's us against the world, together 'til the world ends
it's us against the world, say f*ck you to the ones who talk
it's us against the world, you and me, we can't be stopped

(verse 2)
no fear, it's so clear, I'd try even if she hurt me
your love, I'm addicted, I would die if I went cold turkey
innerlink, not apart, and we're synced in my heart
she's my light in the dark, when I'm swimming with the sharks
beauty is what you define and anybody would co-sign
you was on my mind, so I drove by to pick you up before 9
you looking fine, you looking fine, and I just had to repeat it
I'm glad you're mine and we spend time, and you're ready for the weekend
I'm ready to go deep in, maybe the one that I'd be with
spend all my time in the sheets with and the next day we can sleep in
we'll speed it up or we'll slow down, from no sound to being so loud
the headboards you would hold down, and when we're done, it's so profound
no reinstate, I don't back down, she deviate oh she bad now
appreciate what I have now, she stands out from the background
she hold me down, she keep it true, the little things that I see in you
everything that we've been through, and I'm just happy to be with you

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