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Love Sex Riot lyrics

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ISSUES lyrics : "Love Sex Riot"


Put ya hands up!

I don't mind getting violent, but leave your pride at the door
Cause shame is all we've been hiding, so take me down to the floor
Throw me into the drywall, you got that bullet I'll bite it
Now pop it off like you own me, and scratch my back when you ride it

Nobody wants a couple of rights without a couple of wrongs
And the fire that you're building up, is coming off so strong
It's like I'm burning inside when you spit my name
The rock the roll the pride the shame, let's skip the foreplay and become the teenage waste, that's what we callx
Love sex riot, so excited, Love sex riot


It's riot, Imma' work it over till your tired, love it when you're screaming like a siren, ready aim ready aim, fire fire
Riot, Imma' set it off Imma' light it, heart beat beating like it's dynamited, ready aim ready aim, fire fire

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