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Soulscarred lyrics

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Isole lyrics : "Soulscarred"

I'm inside this void
Where silence screams louder and louder
Trapped without walls in an empty world
I scream without voice
Silent words that none will ever hear
A silent plea, for mercy and relief
Forgive me
What I have done!
My spirit
Is in pain
Please set me free!
Sooth my wounds!
Save my mind!
My scarred soul
Falls apart
Please set me free!
Silence, it surrounds me
Within it's embrace
All is still and calm
I bear the worlds
Sins on my back
Since they are my sins
I must repent, now
From the grief I feel, Please set me free
From the fear I feel, Please set me free
From the pain I feel, Please set me free
From the loss I feel, Please set me free

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Writer(s): Henrik Jan Lindenmo, Crister Olsson
Copyright: Iron Avantgarde Publishing Gmbh
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