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Isole lyrics : "Come To me"

Eventide, at last, is here
Close my eyes and greet its presence
I can feel the void that feeds
On my sanity, on my mind
My flesh... and soul

Oh, this pain, it stains my world
Blinds my eyes, cloaks my reality,
Leaving nothing but a bleak shadow
Of what once was
No more... all gone

My scars the speak to me
Memories carved into my weak flesh

Come to me
Set me free

Restless nights and empty eyes
Ridden with nightmares, night and day
The abyss within my soul
Sovast, overwhelming, consuming
My past... future

Come to me
Set me free
Speak to me
Set me free

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Writer(s): Henrik Jan Lindenmo, Crister Olsson
Copyright: Iron Avantgarde Publishing Gmbh
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