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Tiny dancer (hold me closer) lyrics

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Ironik lyrics : "Tiny dancer (hold me closer)"

Your my star, my light, my whole entire life.
Without you it's blury, and i can't see why.
My friends say James, are you feeling alright?
And i just think that i'm dreaming all night.
When i'm with you i feel i've been saved
and i wanna thank your mom and dad for what they've made
So i just wanna say , im gonna keep you
For life, for 24/7 i'll hold you
Hold you closer and don't let go
I need to know how you feel too
So hold me closer and don't let go
I;m falling to pieces girl and don't let go
Hold me closer tiny dancer

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Writer(s): Elton John, Bernie Taupin
Copyright: Dick James Music Ltd.
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