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Baron's Gone (Anna Kendrick - Cups PARODY) lyrics

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INSTALOK lyrics : "Baron's Gone (Anna Kendrick - Cups PARODY)"

You've got your whole team getting Dragon down
But all of us are MIA
And if you don't mind that while you're away
We'll be taking objectives without delay

Baron's Gone (x2)

You went to ward and now it's gone
You're going to check and it's not there
Your gonna' wish you were prepared
Oh you went to ward and now it's gone

Baron's Gone (x2)

You should have been there when it spawned
If this game was already tough
Then wait till you see our purple buff
Oh you went to ward and now it's gone

You've got your AD carry bot lane bound
I just watched your jungler smite blue
All these Sight Wards in the river
Oracle's will make me richer
Contesting would be difficult for you

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