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Don't Ever Say Never lyrics

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Immature lyrics : "Don't Ever Say Never"

Don't ever say never na na
My heart is for you
Just don't ever say never
Don't ever say never
Verse 1:
It may seem...
That you're living in a fairy tale
You can't give up on your dreams...
I can see...
All the things you think you can be...
Don't ever say never
Just don't ever say never
You can have it all (you can have it all)
But you cannot be denied
Don't ever say never (don't ever say never)
You can reach the sky (you can reach the sky)
Just don't let it pass you by (don't let it pass you by)
Don't ever say never is why
You never know until you try
You may feel...
That your hopes and your dreams...
You cannot achieve
Just believe...(**just believe**)
Whatcha see...(**whatcha see...**)
You can reach beyond anyone else...
Don't ever say never
Repeat Chorus
Give it all you can
One time ya gotta try **gotta try for me**
I'm telling you now **I'm tellin you now**
You won't be denied **you won't be denied**
I know it maybe hard **oh it maybe hard**
But you will survive **you will survive**
As long as you stay true **long as you stay true**
To what you feel inside **fell inside**
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Hook
Repeat Chorus 2x

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