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Can't You See lyrics

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Immature lyrics : "Can't You See"

Can't you see
You're everything I need
Baby stay
Don't take your love away

Girl you mean the world to me (World to me)
I wont let you go, oh no
Girl you are so fine to me(Fine to me)
You are my everything, everything


Girl you know you can count on me (Count on me)
To give you everything, oh yeah
Cuz that's the way love is suppose to be (suppose to be)
Baby please stay with me, yeah yeah

I know that in your mind things can't go wrong
You know that you should stay with me baby
Cuz love (Cuz Love)Is what you need (Is what you need)
I think about you everyday, yeah

Chorus Repeated 2 times

(Girl I'll show you the way) I'll show you the way
(Give you everything) Give you everything
(Our love will bring) Our love will bring
(Ohh)Ohh, (Always will treat you right)
(No one loves you like I do) Loves you like I do

Chorus Repeated 4 times

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