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Candy lyrics

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Immature lyrics : "Candy"

Your love is sweeter than candy
Keep swingin' it my way
That's the only love that I will ever need

Look at me, acting like a child
I can't keep this smile off my face
It's been awhile, since I felt your warm embrace
Tonight I'll love away

You got that something
When you pour it on like rain
It's sweeter than a candy cane
Just keep it comin'
Cause you know I like the way
Girl you make me say


Carefully, I put your hand in mine
As you take me to the special place
With your style, you know you drive me wild
In your arms I want to stay, forever and today, day, ay, ay



Taste it and see
How good our love could be
Take it and be
All the around ¡®til ecstasy
You for me and me for you
I've got to have my candy


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Writer(s): Brian Alexander Morgan
Copyright: A Stolen People'S Music, MCA Music Publishing A.D.O. Universal S
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