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Savanna lyrics

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HUNDRED REASONS lyrics : "Savanna"

How you plan to stop the world I don't know the plans you screened
The brain will march away
Clipping against the wall
Lower the tone again
Youth was on your side
Pretend you were born again
Youth forgot the time
Clutching at the straws you took
The shortest one you pulled
The reconcile was tantamount
The blocked pores would never close
Lower the tone again youth forgot the time
Get on your knees for saviours [x4]
It's about time you embraced the cold
Hurtful hatful I'm coming for you today

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Writer(s): Colin Iain Doran, Laurence John Hibbit, Paul John Townsend, Andrew Iain Bews, Andrew Iain Elliot Gilmour
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
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