Translocation lyrics

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Hot Water Music lyrics : "Translocation"

streamlined with all the fear behind me slingshot me left it all and shot
straight out alive to find my way through deceptions sung to me blinders mass
produced for free i've been lost too confused to see the way but my energy flows
with the truth i think of how these cold nights charge me entirely look and find
myself in simple reactions of loyalty i see my friends i feel my friends we do
the best we can in this dying world i don't know the ways you hide you kill your
insides but i guess it's easier to let things slide full on drive on rising
lifting this helps a soul to breathe say what you need to say keep talking all
day but at the crossroads you'll just pick the safe way in line outright
careless wondering this helps a soul to see is it safe to say you'll get away
(with running) you don't want this war anymore see what ws wield and it shines
on back to what blinds me i don't want to be blinded

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Writer(s): George Rebello, Christopher James Wollard, Jason William Black, Charles Allen Ragan
Copyright: Nudie Magazine Day, I Like Mine Slow, Giterdonson, Lockgroove
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