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Neighbourhood Hit (feat Spit Syndicate) lyrics

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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "Neighbourhood Hit (feat Spit Syndicate)"

(Solo talk)
Yes yes, Solo mc, Nick Lupi, Just Enuf
One two one two, one day crew
Coming through to a neighbourhood near you

(Just Enuf)
I'ma take ?em home past memory lane
Going 80 miles, while I blow the dust off it
Let me explain, I'ma tell it how it was said to me same
Saturday in September, forget the weather but remember the train
A dead grey ghost embedded with flames, I didn't get it
Hype mag in my man's room I went and read it
He said you wanna bomb the lines? Replied as if my shit ain't stank
Said bank on it I'ma get my credit
Every tag on the wall's like a line from the credits
Just because you seen it ain't mean that you read it
Mic's, markers, douse the flame embrace darkness
Grant your wish - life after, self doubt
Guess I got that from my father
But my drive outweighed it by far, to the real fans
Get em up, KBM the stadium we getting up
Whoever get their first, hit us up

One day is what we chase, but now we out for much more than fame
I guess some things change, we used to try to keep the neighbourhood hit
Now the same dudes is tryna write the neighbourhood hit
Went from backlanes to backstage and now we spray works without paint
Time waits for no man, and so we got no time to waste
It's just me and my brothers, you chilling with none other

Step up in the place with the swagger of a genuine pride
It's the return of the kids bombing mainline
Spittin rhymes written by the same drive
That had us out till daybreak hitting the trainline
Laces strapped, tins tucked in your backpack
Chasing dreams that we traced out of graff mags
We studied lessons from a culture of kings
Who couldn't known what tomorrow would bring?
See there are walls in the streets round my neighbourhood that read like photo albums
Moments in time, frozen for those who know about em
Snapshots of kids growing up staking their claim
And now the very same kids is tryna blow it up
And there's been some stormy weather but whatever
Believe that me and my brothers we weather it together
Til I'm old and grey, and my wordss fade away
Like plum purple in the sun's rays, I'ma rep the one day


(Nick lupi)
Two hands are what we made it with
A labour of love and long days with it
Writing the score and setting the stage
Product of the very same pavement that plotted the gradient
If I could get a taste of it, I could run away with it
I recall vividly the infamy attained
The names that rang out through the halls that lifted me
Same imagery of fame, long reins had little me
Trying to write my timpani's into the same symphony
Footsteps of kings in my neighbourhood streets
The legendary crews and the fabled old beefs
We were coming up quick, trying to figure our piece
My best friends and I, no limit to the reach
And you can see it in my eyes, I can't hide the pride
And privelidge I feel standing right beside ?em
Theme music to the dream, the one day team
And it won't stop til that one day's seen, namean?


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Writer(s): James Dean Boserio, Nicholas Mark Lupi, Adit Gauchan, Nicholas Bryant-Smith
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Pty. Ltd.
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