Under This Red Sky lyrics

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Hopes Die Last lyrics : "Under This Red Sky"

how can I sleep?
they're trying to hurt me
and there
and don't pretend to cry
cause they're waiting for me
they're waiting for me to end

tell me how can I sleep,
they're trying to haunt me
so I can't take back what's mine
cause they're waiting
for me to come and I think that's all
and there's nothing I can do,
it's said and done

all you can do is watching me
when I stand still here and say
I never meant to have
nothing to do with this
but it's the only way

I'm sorry but I'll leave your
place so empty so empty that
no one will notice
that you're not there
not even me

what you're looking for,
these are the same
old strange days
in which I throw my life away
but nothing's gonna happen,
nothing's gonna change
I'll celebrate disaster
but nothing will ever change

what you're looking for
take your book and sleep on it
tomorrow you'll be better, I swear

I think that's all
it's said and done
I'm on my own
sleeping in a bed of thorns
I feel like cold
sticking here among the wolves

see my point
do you see my point?

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