Skinny Little Bitch lyrics

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HOLE lyrics : "Skinny Little Bitch"

Starin' at the mirror
In your desperation to disappear
And you would be oh so dumb to fuck with me
Cause baby you're much too young to end up with me

Your bedroom walls fallin' down
Everyone can see you now
Your bedroom walls suffer truth
Now you lie, you lie, you lie alone
You lie alone, you never sleep
How you never sleep


Skinny Little Bitch
Praying to the lord
Praying for some salvation
Cause she's oh so bored
In my vile sex horror and cheap drugs hell
And all the things you'll never live to tell

And you will never see the light
You're just obscure and out of spite
You're just a nasty piece of work
Come on, Come on, Come on baby
Come on baby let it burn
Oh baby does it hurt

Born, of foul creation
Born, of sour milk
Cocaine filth

You stepped your heelS in broken glass
So I could kick your scrawny ass
And all the drugs and all the burns
What a nasty
What a nasty, nasty piece of work
Oh baby does it hurt
Oh baby just go slower
Oh baby just go lower

Skinny Little Bitch [x9]

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