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HOLE lyrics : "Samantha"

Samantha, you swore you never turned that trick before
keep waiting for what you`ll never win you`ll loose again
I wont tip the balance in your faith
your just taking my favorite place, Samantha, you wore me out, Samantha, you
use me out, Samantha, what would my life last before you came
keep praying they`ve won the pretty things you wont get back
steal my soul and stab my back once more you`ll come broke down
alley ways to score, once more, 123 Samantha! you wore me out Samantha
you used me up, I look in your eyes in surprise goodnight, I wanted to
believe the lie goodbye, I wanted life, (breathing heavily 8x)
Samantha, and no one can regain their innocence again its clearly
not your prettiest play, and oh better love your anger then
go and hit the streets again cause there's nothing here for you
leave the money by the bed, in the gutter where you live, and ill throw
it all away yeah throw it in you face and if you were on fire I would
bring the kerosene and that's how much I hate and I hate what you have
said to me, Samantha, you wore me out, Samantha, it burns me down
baby dont look back, baby dont look back, baby dont look back to me
baby dont look back, baby dont look back to me, and I live in this hole
and I'll die in this cage only you hold the keys to this sympathy and I dont wanna go but I cant seem to come and its not up to, its to you
and the train is on fire and were all gonna die and were all going
down this tonight you can lead a horde of one you can lead a horde of three
but you cant take away what's mine, Samantha..

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Writer(s): Cole Porter, Michael James Beinhorn, Pete Thorn, Linda Perry, Courtney Love, Micko Larkin, Billy Corgan, Courtney M. Love, Michael Beinhorn, William Patrick Corgan, Martin Sjoelie
Copyright: Chappell & Co. Inc., Never The Bride, Stuck In The Throat Music, Bridge Of Sighs, Universal Music Publishing Ltd., A Side Music LLC, Emi Music Publishing Norway As, Sony/ATV Harmony
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