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HOBBIE STUART lyrics : "Day One"

I think it was a Friday, the first time we met
And you made nothing seem to matter after that
We put it on a runway, fast off the ground

We took it so high the only way to go was down
The sun will still rise in the morning and I wanna see that with you

We can never erase yesterday, can never go back on things we´ve done
But can we forget it all and find the time when we fell in love

If you just hold your breath I´ll get it back to where we begun
As long as you stay tonight I´ll take us all the way to day one

I wanna feel your lips pressed on mine
And my hands on you will feel like the first time
And you can take my words and I´ll take yours

Tell you that I love you like you´ve never heard before
The sun will still rise and the stars will still shine but I wanna see them with you


And even after all this time I still think about you

If I could rewind to when you were mine
Under the stars in Blakers Park lying just us two
I would do all I can to be a better man but what can I do

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