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What Time Do You Call This? lyrics

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HOBBIE STUART lyrics : "What Time Do You Call This?"

(Written by Elbow)
What time do you call this?
I've been craning bewildered all my days
What time do you call this?
Shrink with me, tower with me
Wither with me, flower with me
Endlessly follow me,
chew me up and swallow me
Stay at least for now with me
Drink and dance and row with me
Tell me when I go too far
Stay precisely where you are

( Written by Hobbie Stuart)
I see the white shores somewhere in the distance
The only thing stopping me from drowning is hoping one day you listen
I had love to give to you I hope you see what you're missing
I am your biggest fan, it's only you in the picture
Every time you're looking at me I get a rush to my fingers
Any time you need a shoulder I was there within minutes you know
I got cute to the bone you did it all on your own
What time d'you call this? It's a little bit late
To say you want me back it doesn't matter what you say
Have you forgot what you did?
Well i haven't and I won't
I laughed and I joked
Trying to hide what I felt til I cried and I choked
then I tried and I hoped
and I climbed until you broke down
Every little thing that I held onto
Every little thing that I love about you

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