Lời Yêu Đó lyrics

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HKT BAND lyrics : "Lời Yêu Đó"

He still looking for a Fabulous Lashes, a warm bracelet
Sleep mode and suddenly saw you with him Ko
It turned out he was dreaming about you.

Then you, my chance has come
Shed light on the heart like he was asleep.

Clouds give way led him to the dream step
Ko said the CRAP he would remember every single day ...

And then he'll fly up to where the sky
To love you spoke to the future life

That's the word love you gave
I will end domain horizon of love.

A bright day with the wind fragrant clouds of thousands
For two of us together take my hand yeyu as now

She vows love for words: happiness flowing, dreamy love dearly ... your days.

Word of Love It, HKT, Loi Love Do, HKT

Word of Love It, HKT, Loi Love Do, HKT

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