Winners Lose lyrics

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HERMAN DUNE lyrics : "Winners Lose"

I won't say the word but you know I'm fond of you
I don't need curtains and I don't need a view
But to cut you off my landscape I don't either need scissors
Don't ask questions when you don't want to know the answers
Between love and friends
My choice is made, no offense
If you want me to be your man
Be a friend if you can

I'll play stark naked if it's my desire
A sheer uniqueness is all that I require
From myself and from my days

Whatever the cost, the story repays
Between pride and success
It's easy to guess
Your servant will choose
To winningly lose

Everybody is family
Hundreds of girls are quite alright for me
But I'm dumb enough to think I know what I must do
And weak enough to always tell it too
Between stay and go
It's not hard to know
It's not even a choice
It's my master's voice

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