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HER BRIGHT SKIES lyrics : "The best you'll get"

let me see things through your eyes
you've always been so quick to analyze
and you won't let it slip tonight
i should have learned by now
you would tell me to define
the space i think i need to clear my mind
but all i'm asking for is time
and i won't tell ya

cut me up (do what you got to)
make me sweat (whatever it takes)
drag it out (take what you came for)
it's the best you'll get

did you find the answer?
did you win me back?
no, you see what you want to see
and you hear what you want to hear
would you believe me
if you only knew?
no, you see what you want to see
and you hear what you want to hear

how i wish i could explain
there are things i feel but cannot name
and you've stopped waiting for a change
so turn me inside out
let's hear it loud and clear
my love, you know exactly what i'm thinking of
even if it wouldn't be enough
well, i'll never tell ya

have you ever felt so nervous
with your back against the wall?
i got my heart on my sleeve
isn't that what you wanted?
can't believe the words i'm thinking
i got them clinging to my teeth
and as we're reaching the end
i'm sorry to say you never learned
from your mistakes

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