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Hellfire Society lyrics : "Face Down"

We go
Tonight, gotta think about a way to get our $$# inside

You, you and you with me, we go from the front door
I want two squads: one front, one back
Everybody knows the plan now get the guns

..we're in!..

Okay nobody moves,
my friends here are fully automatic
Just do what I say

you don't want me to go all spray 'n' pray
Get down on the ground
Face down

Hands behind your head
alright T get the money I've got your back

Face down!
on the ground!

Let's go boys
time's up

tick tock
We're gonna move everybody in the room on the back
We don't need no hero

just walk in a straight line
I'm gonna shoot your $$#, no doubt
man we gotta go we gotta get the $#[email protected] out

Sirens are comin'
we got to be fast

if it gets too hot
do anything it takes just don't get caught

Step on the gas
we all know what to do
I'd rather not to kill

but they get too close just fire at will

Face down!

on the ground!

We made it guys

chill out now
we are back in biz
hey, wait a second where the money is?

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa