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The Angry Army lyrics

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Hellfire Society lyrics : "The Angry Army"

I'm sure this time i'll have your attention
if you try to know what is my intention
count 1,2,3 and make a connection
I just wanna brake down your world of perfection

Time for us to scream our rage
time for you to pay for what you've made

for all the fucking promises you haven't kept and the lies you sell us
for all the kinds of false sins you have created
for all the stories you've made like real
for all this things tonite some fuckin' heads are gonna brake down

My words become a poison injection
I know you hate me 'cause i'm the reflection
of all the dirt and your imperfections
tonite begins a great insurrection

Time for us to scream our rage
time for u to pay for what you've made

we realized we are more powerful than all of you
with our voices we will destroy your golden thrones
we are the angry army, and we're gonna kick you you ass

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