Same Damn Time (Freestyle) lyrics

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HELL RELL lyrics : "Same Damn Time (Freestyle)"

You know me nigga
we're fighting case and haters at the same damn time
can't forget this hoes too
they want it bigger pan
movin rugga top gun

Rockin broly the same damn time
shoot shoot in your man what the same damn nine
ain't the shit change nigga on my same damn ground
just porter fro papi tryin to whippin up the nine
yeah you know me I'll be movin all the D
get you got a fake belt you think that he a G
you are lane but the bitch livin with me
f*ck the nigga let it down
he might bea FBD
I ain't got time to be biffin all the beauters
I was something I just nigga house with them shooters
what's up, got two chicks in hades with call em bitches papa
get the ..pull up in the cream but the barely poor with the drop out
time ain't not the one in Miami drinking..
Willie in the school the damn colors nigga ha ha
met poppie by the ducks and I bought the polo
don't tell em bout the f*ckin for a
I smoked on, New York city I got it in the choko
man see lord thing said she loved popo
nigga yeah they think they top they really I ain't havin it
don't call me ruga relf I really I carry it
I ain't got security no really I carry it
my money I'ma marry it
yeah yeah yeah yeah

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