Double The Pain lyrics

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Heaven and Hell lyrics : "Double The Pain"

A stab in the back
Is worth waiting for
He's seen enough joy for today.

A sudden attack
Would just start the evening right
And maybe a penance to pay

Thunder and lightning
Electric machines
These are the devils
That shout in his dreams

Double the pain
He's strong he will survive
Double the pain
It will make him come alive
Double the pain

Games of the heart
Not fair and you can't win
But torture and anger can play
You've never said no to just another spin
And loosing is one step away

Friendly confusion
Like nothing you've seen
These are the demons
That shout in is dreams


A slapin the face
To bring him back around
It's a touch-like cool morning rain

He's fallen from grace
And slammed to the ground
And begs for some more of the same

Thunder and lightning
Eccentric machines
These are the devils that shout in his dreams


Double the pain
I'm sure i saw him smile
Double the pain
Let's kick him for a while
Double the pain

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Writer(s): Ronnie James Dio
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