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Havoc lyrics : "I'm The Boss"

Got my eyes on all this paper
Where' your mami? Cause that body...

Oh, my God! I want to thank her...
Don't get it twisted, I'm not your captain!
Who girl? I'm not trying to save ya!

Verse 1
Something like the 199 Groucho blue light the lotto!

$#[email protected] plenty models, Cris' out the bottle.
Like fast cars, my foot on the throttle
Like big guns, I feel those with hollows!

^!$$%s want beef, I got that to lend
^!$$%s bleed just like us, I put it in. (ha!)
If I done $#[email protected] yo (*##$, and take the easy route

Switch the lock on the door, and change the bank account.
She was just something to $#[email protected], and ain't really count,
Bust a nut in her mouth and then a ^!$$% bounce. (meeeeoowww! 0)

How we doing the %#@!?
Gon' see another (*##$ with a chick in the whip,
Ha! (say whaaaat? !) The same thing that I said

^!$$% do what he wanna do, when he got big bread.
The king size bed, yeah, it's fitting them all!
Ma, you ain't with it, then I'm missing ya call.

Don't start tripping, how we ripping

Got my eyes on all this paper
Where your mami, cause that body
Oh my God, I want to thank her

Don't get it twisted! I'm not your captain
Who girl? I'm not trying to save ya. (naaaah!)
Heavyweighter! About my paper

I'll upgrade ya! Something major. I'm the boss!

Verse 2

Oh! As I come through the door
Throw valet the keys, to the 07, it's on! (now what?)
That's one of my exotic whips (uhhuh!)

Now peep my exotic chick take a look at her. (yeah!)
Look at her $$# fat, see it through a wool sweater
Don't hate on me, she do better!

Who better? She pick me!
MVP! VIP! You just lose better! (don't worry!)
But I ain't worried 'bout losing,

Big ya crews and all them Cancuning.
All worry about me; who want to screw in?
Paparazzi watching the kid and my movement.

Trying to get they hands on the sex tape,
Damn! Why they wanna get they hands on the sex tape?
I know why they wanna get to the sex tape,

And that'll be the day that the bank break.

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