Make It Out Alive lyrics

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HANSON lyrics : "Make It Out Alive"

The more I love you
The more I believe in you
The more I need you
The more I'm needed too
And I surrender
What I thought I knew
The look in your eyes
I know my games are through

'Cos you've been holding on
And I've been holding back

We may not make it out alive
What does it matter if you're here by my side?
We may not make it out alive
What does it matter?
It's just a matter of time

The resignation sneaking up on me
Was I mistaken to let you get to me?
Overtaken in ways I've never known
So please don't break me
We've still got a ways to go

'Cos we're still holding on
Just hoping for the best


It's just a matter of time

This memories that we've got
Do not amount to much
But I'm so glad that we've got them
We cannot be what we're not
But it's too late to get
Or she'd a tear for the doubt
Oh yeah

We're just holding on
Bracing for the worst
Come on girl


It's just a matter of time
Oh yeah

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Writer(s): Zac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Isaac Hanson
Copyright: Jam N Bread Music
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