Model Aeroplane lyrics

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HAILEY WOJCIK lyrics : "Model Aeroplane"

I built a model airplane just to fly away from you
I built a model airplane and I sniffed up all the glue

But no matter how high I fly I can never outrun you
'Cause you're in my nightmares every night and you're in my daymares too

I stole that submarine so I could sink away from you
You're such a creep, that briny deep was all that I could do
I floated to the surface just to shoot your airplane down

Our proud and blessed union had crashed into the ground

I went to the confession cleared my conscience cleared my throat

They threw me in the bathtub to see if I would float
But I drank up all the water, so they had to make me Pope
But there isn't enough holy wine to numb a heart this broke

Made a deal-o with the devil so I could watch you rot in hell
He said angelic females do burn so very well

He conjured, belched and bellowed as he stoked your funeral pyre
He crushed you into pill form and washed you down with fire


I pray this heartfelt writing finds you racked with mortal pain

'Cause what you did to my heart left a mean and nasty stain
Just try and fly that plane again, you know what I will do

To you just what you did to me
But I'm more $#[email protected] pissed than thee
You black-hearted calamity

Our love has turned to tragedy
It's all the fault of you, Hailey
I beg to differ, Tesco Vee

But on this point we can agree
Our love crashed to the ground

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