You Don't Wanna Fuck With Me lyrics

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H.A.W.K lyrics : "You Don't Wanna Fuck With Me"

(feat. Godfather)


Willow, give me some of that head banger %#@! man
Boys ain't ready for this here, feel the H.A.W.K. man
Turn up my fone', that's about right

I'm a step above great, don't try to immolate

Or sit there and hate, and start to fabricate
My division is heavy weight, so fellow and vacate
You taking up my space, so its time you migrate

Since you can't relate, I'm gon set the record straight
And infiltrate your chest stain, and increase the death rate
Genetically you can't, better yet you fish bate

I'm first you second rate, you should of had a P.A.
When rumors circulate, i don't advocate
You choose your own fate, and get the $#[email protected] out my face

I use subject and predicate, also the proper eddicate
You cats are delicate, and known to go telling %#@!
I'm known to start static, with lyrical acrobatics

The public is democratics, they all hogg fanatics
The flow bending, swear I ate a can of spinach
Your flow is timid, and you will ruin my image

I'm strong to defense, rank in the top percentage
A bad boy like Dennis, classified a menace
I spread like anthrax, the Benz is black on black

I dominate like Shaq, Air Force Ones and throwbacks
I spit lyrical crack, and stack platinum plack
I'll make it a impact, you other cats is whack

I got what you lack, the size of a full back
The arena is jam packed, so I sports my hard hat

What, know I'm sayin, I spit it raw baby
Regardless, Godfather, you in here

You got something to say baby
Wait a minute though, let me get this
Here off my chest, let me get this

Here off my chest


These ^!$$%s hating, cause I'm young, black and educated
One of the greatest, my album is anticipated
Highly sedated, not to be manipulated

The coke awaited, cause I'm game affiliated
The streets are hectic, corners getting dissected
Drug infected, high on got me world connected

Nobody loves me, its getting ugly
Don't try to hug me, are usually what a thug be
I'm bone hard, bully of the school yard

Against the law, there permanently there is a God
Stabbed to rod, or spawn a child
Took the trial, ten year sentence with bond denial

Waited a while, and waited my turn
A lesson learned, $#[email protected] with these streets you get burned
Nobody loves me, they try to $#[email protected] me

And if you make it out here, then you lucky


I murder the enemies, that come in my vicinity
Your family get used in tragedy, like the Kennedy's
Shit talker, cakes like Betty Crocker

Gun @@#!er, rawest thug like Sharocka
Texas gun slinger, shoot with danger finger
Good exercise, for my index finger

Gats ring, more murder than Max Pane
Me and Big H.A.W.K., in a chromed out black Range
Sharp shooter, neighborhood drug polluter

I got a quick jab, like that Kruger
Godfather, Don Datta
In H-Town, hit hard like sharper

Fuck my broad, its going to cost you
Come give me, the things you ought to
Keep two nines, like I'm a musler

Dances with wolves, like Kevin Costner

You don't wanna $#[email protected] with me
They don't want it, H.A.W.K., Godfather

You don't wanna $#[email protected] with me
The world ain't ready, y'all ain't ready, y'all ain't ready
You don't wanna $#[email protected] with me
Don't $#[email protected] with me
You don't wanna $#[email protected] with me

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