The Morality Squad lyrics

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GWAR lyrics : "The Morality Squad"

[Sang by The Morality Squad]
We're the Morality Squad Armed with the wrath of God
My name is Granbo

And here's my holy hot-rod
Freedom to all the people Brave,
true and strong

Freedom to all the people
Unless I think your wrong!

Rapist mentality!
Teen Suicide!
Necro-bestial anal butt sex!

Ohhhhh! I got a couple of friends here
Trained by the CIA Special agents here
To blow you the hell away!

GWAR, your the worst, I'll put an end to you
Your even grosser then 2 Live Crew
My grandsons a super hero

Just back from the war in Iraq Corp.
Punishment-"My name is Corporal Punishment, I want to scratch your back"
My nephew Tiny, a hundred tons a man


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Writer(s): Gwar Gwar
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