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Ten-Faced lyrics

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GUMI lyrics : "Ten-Faced"

Originally, I was a timid girl
Failing in love, I shut off my emotions
And started creating new personalities
Thus, our emotions take turns to work

Ahhh ahhh ahhh
Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh

3, the memories we don't want to accept
4, we consider them a different personality
5, we act as if it's someone else's problem
6, that's how we defended ourselves
7, we don't share our memories
8, neither do we know of each other's existence
9, in the course of time
10 of us are now sharing this same place

The inhabitants inside me all fell in love with the same man
But none of those worked out the man's answer was
"I will love only one person inside you"
My heart is accelerating please
Hold down my racing heartbeats

Whenever you come to me
You act as if you're a different person
My heart chokes a little every time I see that
But at the same time, I was drawn to you
But you know what? I've got to tell you
Even though I've already said this to the other you's
I can only love one person
And I can only choose one personality

Do I have a split personality?
Why am I smiling?
The ten girls inside of me
Have all realized
The reason why they were born
If their sole reason was to obtain one single love
Then it's already over
Come now, at this last moment let us all smile
Good bye and welcome back
My original self

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