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Humility (incomplete) lyrics

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Groundation lyrics : "Humility (incomplete)"

Time has slipped away
We`re looking with the eyes, I`ve got my way
You say I have might lost my way
Oh, but I`m on my way ...

Oh lift your eyes and see
Your humility
x 2

Yet thinking it`s on my way
You will need it on the way
You`re going through
Oh it`s my way to go
Oh you`re gonna met them
Where you`re going through

Oh lift out your ears
Wonder why you are the only
One to carry out this through
Your life, it`s time for you
To find your way

Your mind again search
Oh, oh, oh your world again
x 2

You`re thinking freely
Rock it slowly
Dancing wisely
Some will take it lately

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