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How Am I Supposed To Breathe lyrics

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GREG SCZEBEL lyrics : "How Am I Supposed To Breathe"

Seems that you've stolen something of mine
Well it's yours to keep, darling,
But if you don't mind, I'm taking your heart now,
To guard as my own
Gonna love every heartbeat,
Until there's no more?

'Cause how am I supposed to breathe
When you take my breath away?
How am I supposed to leave
When my heart knows I should stay?
How am I supposed to love
Anyone apart from you?
Tell me love 'cause I don't have a clue

So share with me your dreams, girl
And I'll tell you mine
Let's build one heart together
One day at a time
The solo song of yesterday is gone
But we're singing harmonies
Heaven knew all along?


I would be such a fool to think you'd feel otherwise
When it's there in your smile, it's there in your eyes
Not a thing, not a one could pull me from your side
It's not just a feeling - It's death or life


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