Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake lyrics

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Grandaddy lyrics : "Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake"

Beyond the hill, of fantasy
Ha, tell ya
Take care of you, beware of his magical plan

It hurts, breaks your soul, burns your mind
Never believe, never never
Believe the tales of mystical force

Please, save us
Bring us his trembling heart

Please, save us
Bring us his trembling heart

Black hill castle, (there in the dark)
Hear the thunder, watch the spark
Ha ha ha

Can't you see?
Way of life, It's (...)
I saw his sinister face

Speaks your name, don't listen
Otherwise, your part of the scene

He tears you from the ground and takes you higher and higher.
His magic's all around, his eyes are burning like fire

He tears you............

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