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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "I Know"

I know (I know)
These ^!$$%s don't want to see me ball.

These ^!$$%s wanna see me fall.
Mother$#[email protected] I know (I know)
These ^!$$%s are trying to give me hell.

These ^!$$%s want me to fail.
Mother$#[email protected] I know (I know)
These ^!$$%s dont want to see me write.

Wanna see me live my life.
Yeah Shawty I know (I know) [2x]
Mother$#[email protected] I know

I know ya'll ^!$$%s didn't want to see me mother$#[email protected] make it ^!$$%.

But it's too late ^!$$%. Hahah, you can't stop me now ^!$$%.
I'm going straight to the top on you mother$#[email protected] Feel me.

[Verse 1]
Downtown hustling weed and cd's
They knew that i could rap

They wasnt $#[email protected] with me (I know)
Deep in they heart,
they knew they couldn't hold me

God had a plan for little Z-O-E

Shawty wish she woulda gave me her number

I was broke back then,
now a ^!$$% doing numbers.
Same clothes everyday sleeping on the carpet.

Now im sean johned down on the red carpet.
Hahaha They knew that I was down bad
They say $#[email protected] em dont even front that boy a 50 sack

When I was $#[email protected] you didnt feel bad
The block cut me a check I heard you looking bad.



You mother$#[email protected] are like crabs in a bucket man.
All ya'll ^!$$%s do is just sit back and do nothing.
Talk about it forever, do something ^!$$% buy a crib or something ^!$$%.

[Verse 2]
I wake up early

and stay up late
I cant stop, I wont stop
Shorty its too late

When I was young we shot ball into milk crates
Now we full court press on my own estate.
We used to steal from when dissing when nothing to eat.

Now you can catch me and my hand in these smell meats.
I'm still in the hood, white tee, white ones,
and the chevy strapped up like its fat like big buns.

My phone going ham, ^!$$%s leaving stupid messages.
But I aint mad cuz the lord keep blessing this.
He kept my mind right, took me through the storm

His soul clear patches nobody lay harm.


Quit your jibbity jabbing man and quit the $#[email protected] bull%#@!.

^!$$% im trying to do something, I'm doing songs and %#@! ^!$$% do something.
Grab a ^!$$% hand, ^!$$% help a ^!$$%. Stop talking that %#@!.
Sit around waiting on somebody to get you something.

^!$$% I'm trying to do something help me write a song or something ^!$$%.
Im trying to make it on Oprah show too. Im trying to do it big im trying to be the nations best.
I'm trying to get money like Bloc. Ya'll ^!$$%s stop hating on me man.

You mother$#[email protected] didnt want to help me in the beginning man.
$#[email protected] you ^!$$%, with sugar on top (*##$. Ya feel me?
$#[email protected] you ^!$$%'s man. Hold up I aint mother$#[email protected] finished I got some more %#@! to say.

Ya feel me? Didnt nobody want mother$#[email protected] help me man.
Ya feel me? Till that ^!$$% Bloc gave me a chance ^!$$%.
Now you mother$#[email protected] ^!$$%s out there trying to feel the raft ^!$$%.

Ya feel me? I appreciate that meal Bloc baby I appreciate dat man.
My family going love dat man. Tell dem ^!$$%s im ready.
I know ^!$$% I know ya'll didnt want to see this baby.
Black entertainment mother$#[email protected]

I know (I know) [Repeat to fade]

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