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Mile High Club lyrics

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GORILLA ZOE lyrics : "Mile High Club"

I know you got a man and all, shawty
I just want to show you a good time, you feel me?
You say ya man got a fountain
Boy I got a jet
You say he got money,
Bitch I got a check
Know it sounds like a dream,
This is real as it gets
Join the Mile High Club
Get that juicebox wet
And need to fly with me,
Baby flow with me,
Baby fly with me,
Need to flow with me
I got money out the ass, out my cooler
I got money on my mind, my medulla
I got long money, baby grab a ruler
I got money on my wrist Frank Mueller
Talkin bout a watch
I got watches like a jeweler
So much ice
I am cool like a cooler
Yo girl jock me its like me & might lose her
She got good brain, Ima use her, school her
Send her back to you, yeah I fooled her
Fooled ya!
You can take her shoppin
Youre a trick
Youre a loser
Me, Im in Miami on a yacht, like a cruise, brah
Shittin on these niggas, grab a pooper (scooper)
They see me gettin money so these pussy niggas whinin
Why these niggas whinin when the Taco Bell is hirin?
Rich, Im just chillin, poppin codeine, sippin wine &
They ask what kind of wine
I say Chardonnay is fine
In the restaurant, Excuse me? Could you hand me my
furry coat?
And baby could you see me where a G like me can smoke?
I know it sounds ugh, but dont take it for a joke
See my dog is from the hood & he just wants some hen &
Pop the hood to Hollywood
So we just doing what we want
They bring me mad weed
So we rollin plenty blunts
I kick it with the movie stars,
Nah, just the actresses
They know who we are, so we fuckin on their mattresses
These niggas is jockin jaws
These hoes is still jockin me
The moneys still coming
We got it jumpin like trampolines
Lookin up at the sky
Daddyd be proud of me
I went to Dubai
They treat me like royalty
Is that how its supposed to be
Used to work in them factories
When now one of them deserting me bitches call me Your
Ill be back when they game
Twenty thousand feet in the sky smokin Mary Jane
On my own plane
And I aint lyin mane
See the logo?
That Gorilla face.

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