I Don't Know lyrics

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GOB lyrics : "I Don't Know"

do you know what it is about you and me?
no one else is gonna blame the problems circling around you.
i don't know. i don't even want you around.

16. centipede i see you're just like a centipede.
you move fast, but you just move along the ground.
i better stay away from you.

i've got some cherries but i'll keep them to myself.
centipede you are a scavenger.
if you could, you would take my family.

i'll share but i won't share with you

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Writer(s): Don Raye, Randy Rhoads, Robert John Daisley, Gene de Paul, David M. Barbour, Lisa Margaret Hannigan, John Osbourne, Peggy Lee, Theo Goutzinakis
Copyright: Nettwerk Music Publishing, Universal Music Corp., Blizzard Music Ltd., Chrysalis Music, Music Corp. Of America Inc., BMG Rights Management (Uk) Limited, Leeds Music Corp., Denslow Music Inc.
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