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Beautiful Object lyrics

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GLASS CANDY lyrics : "Beautiful Object"

In love's golden ocean
No emotion
Fake a smile for charity
Cry in trauma for the drama
Oh no
Real love a golden rarity
Beautiful object
I hang them from the walls and ceiling
What more can I do
I want to put my hands deep into feeling
Hands only get so far
Depth for me is just a possibility
And all my misguided desire
Will freeze me deep with pent-up hostility
What's the meaning of the mask
You can't be asked
Oh oh
Is life a social fiction?
Not to see but be seen
Oh no
Now that's a ghost's ambition
Beautiful object
As if a pretty face is so revealing
Hey what I can do
If what I've got isn't as appealing
Beautiful object
Soul is sold to portray a perfection
A beautiful object true
It's just a parody of a person

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