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Ego Agapao Anarxika lyrics

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GIORGOS MAZONAKIS lyrics : "Ego Agapao Anarxika"

A ball is snapped and went MES 'world
I 'learned to speak Greek language
Learn more what I was told would give
So will eventually get less
But I loved every exaggeration on my
And let's go pay as dearly
Kiss your mouth and your naked back
To startle and flee loneliness

I love anarchist and reaches the finish
I have a soul, I kiss and a hug for you
And all my grievances to a dance for me
Zeibekika for myself, God and pain one

The night was to go in this world
Drunkards sex with red wine
Let me to look for what I miss
And do not ask how long we'll be together ...

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