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The Other Side, Part I lyrics

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GIL SCOTT-HERON lyrics : "The Other Side, Part I"

Sometimes I feel like I'm just wasting time
Looking for another side

Sometime I feel like I'm losing my mind ‘cause there ain't
No other side

Sometimes I'm just spinning my wheels, ain't no big deal
Morning, there's another side

Sometimes I feel like I'm just standing in place, ain't no real race
Ain't no other side

Life is like a circle and you end up where you started
If you end up where you started ain't no other side

Yeah, but if life is like a curtain that I'm 90% certain that I'm looking through at something
Yes, I'm almost touching something on the other side

Yeah, the opposite of new is old
The opposite of young is old
Seems like everything has got another side
Yeah, but young ones want to be old ones
Old ones know what they would do if they was young ones
People ain't never really satisfied
People ain't never satisfied

If life is like a mirror then the nearer you get clearer
You can see it so much clearer
Feel like you know about the other side

My friends all swear that they know

What I should do with my life
How I should run my life
What should be happening with my life
They're on the other side

They're on the outside
I'm on the inside

Things always look so much better on the other side
Four O'clock in the morning
They don't know
All the things I been needing
They don't know
Breaking out in a sweat
And they don't know

Feeling down
And they don't know
They don't know the other side

I need to go home
Momma could change it
Daddy could help me
Yes, I could go home

Yeah, Momma don't need to see me this way
Know me this way
Touch me this way
Love me this way
Find me this way
I can't go home

I'm saying
I don't want to call him
I don't want to know him
I don't want to need him
I don't want to feel it
I don't want to know

But I know, know know

Hey, home
So I say tomorrow
Tomorrow [repeat]
I'm going home
Tomorrow ain't coming
Tomorrow will always where it was
Tomorrow [repeat]
I need to go home
Maybe I could start all over at home
Without the whispers

Hanging on me
Pulling on me, rolling with me
Pulling on me

Yes, I'd like to go home
Without the whispers

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