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My Cloud lyrics

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GIL SCOTT-HERON lyrics : "My Cloud"

And when the morning comes
If there's been no rest for you
We've been friends long enough
You should know what to do
If that's how you started your day
Why keep running away
When you could
Come and join me on my cloud
And in the afternoon
If things are still the same
You've always held a key
To effect the change
What in the morning I said
When you're running away from me
And you could come and join me on my cloud
How you must? in the evening
How everything got so turned around
Please don't let it get you down
All you got to do is just
Come and join me on my cloud
And I've saved a special place
Right next to me
And it's always been your space
I'm sure that you will see
You could always count on me
To love you and let you be free
So why not come and join me
You could come and join me
You can come and join me
On my cloud

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Writer(s): James Thomas Smith
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