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Giggs lyrics : "Slow Songs"

They talk about they wanna cut crime down
I do something positive and they fly down
I'm pissed off, so I lie down

Grab a spliff, grab a pen and I wind down
Mad poverty
Niggers can't get jobs so they buy brown

Buy light drive round
Tryna hustle on the streets to get the right pound
A little youths getting knifed down

Cos nigger got pissed and brought a knife round
They don't care about a sign said put the knives down
Next little niggers gonna get the knife now

Rinse off the ting and put a life down
Think of the %#@! we live our lives round
That's why I can't understand all the fight down

When the shadows in the sun grow long
We listen to a slow slow song

I used to roll strapped up, packing a glock
Running round rinsing at the back of a block

Used to shot cats, whole packets of rock
Now I make music, what they planning to block
Fuck these lil faggoty cops

I came a long way from a raggody top
Old reeboks and my gravitys on
Now everything drops I get my gravity on

The whole industry getting mad at me songs
Saying they don't like me, the way I'm carrying on
Been a mad journey

These $#[email protected] don't know where I'm travelling from
Tryna make my buzz lighter
Tryna get to me, locking down my blud kyzer

Smoke weed while sipping on a budweiser

When the shadows in the sun grow long

We listen to a slow slow song

It's just a phase we know

That hazy glow
Coming off the blazing road
But I'm like amir khan, I appear calm

All that clear charm
But I clip your ear 'ole raw
Keep score of what I got

In the draw with the socks
Feeling ever more than a lot
I used to score shottins at the squats

Fuck it, duck it in the bucket seat
Spunked all my currency and my luck you see
Am I grind blind

Frightened somtimes
Mixing white wine with wine
Late nights on the pave like

With dave types
Chitter chatter with the latter
Wave bye

Behave right
Lets stay tight

When the shadows in the sun grow long
We listen to a slow slow song

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