GIFT GIVER lyrics : "Daddy Issues"

Who the fuck do you think you are running your mouth?
What makes you think that'd take you far, running your mouth?
It's funny that you thought I wouldn't have you all figured out.
Your time is up and now I have to tell you- get the fuck out.

This song's for every fight,
Every appetite you ruined for me.
Who do you think you are?
Who the fuck are you?

You thought this was a one way street,
But all it led to was the end of you and me.
I never needed you anyway.

Did you think that I'd forget?
When you told me "I'm not fucking sorry".

For every fucking ounce of self-esteem you stole from me,
I'd pull the trigger on the world if I could end it today.

Did think that I forgot?
This is what you fucking told me:

Just kill yourself.
Why don't you kill yourself?
Just kill yourself.
Why don't you kill yourself?
Just kill yourself.
Just fucking kill yourself.

I didn't need you anyway.
All I wanted was an apology.

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