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Second Time Around lyrics

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GERALD LEVERT lyrics : "Second Time Around"

She was saying all the right things
She was like a fashion show
From head to toe
Something came over me
Something I couldn't see
I said that four letter word

First time shoulda been the last time
I shoulda stayed away
Being in love wasn't my thing
But uh oh, looks like another love TKO
Bit off more than I can chew
I done fell in love with you, yeah

Look what I done stuck my foot in
Turned around, fell in love again
Hope love don't let me down
Second time around

Look what I done stuck my foot in
Turned around, fell in love again
Hope love don't let me down
The second time around

Oh, hope love won't let me down, no, no
(Second time around)
Second time around, second time around oh, no, no

I don't mind calling your baby mine, yeah
And I'll pay the bills
You can spend your dough at will, yeah
And it don't make sense
Cuz you know I swore off the days, yeah

But you're a rare precious jewel
And I don't mind playing the fool for you

[Repeat 1]

Hey look what I done look what I done
(Second time around)
Stuck my foot in, yeah
Look what I done done

Baby I wasn't even chasin', I was being patient
Me and my prostration, feet solid on the ground, yeah yeah
Then you came around, came around came around
Dealin' with the drama from my baby mama
Tryin to keep my karma
You were my only friend, I had to let you in
Look what I done stuck my foot in

[Repeat 1]

I said I'd never love the sun no more
Cuz the pain of breakin' up just make me so
She'd never loved me quite the way you did
God sent you to me and I'mma try it again

My friends think I'm crazy
Don't want me to forget
That the first of every month
I'm just writing out checks
And checks and checks and checks
I done fell in love baby

[Ad lib until fade]

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Writer(s): Tony Nicholas
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