NY Shining lyrics

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Game lyrics : "NY Shining"

Yo I'm in NY York on the block, I know you see that it's snowing
Jesus beats, got the ki's, beats both of the %#@!s blowin'
Stupid Jack, the hoodie on, $#[email protected] it man blowin

G start, Jordan pre star like Bowen
And now that I got everybody's $#[email protected] attention
Let some just some (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s go independent

Take that, I'm Drein', ^!$$% you full of bandz
Poke holes in ya, fill up the NY pack
Nigga that believe, all into his feeling

Cause he did 10 years for shootin at the ceiling
Biggie gave you a mill, lil ^!$$% should've chilled
Cute curly side-lines talkin bout it real

Take my resume, if a ^!$$% want it I bury him
But $#[email protected] this ^!$$%, he make it to America
I'm ?bout to hit Brooklyn, $#[email protected] on his (*##$ Erica

Bustin up, call a cabbie cup
After I tear it up and we just meditate
Gave it up the day after election date

Bitches on section 8, tryina get a section 8
Already came, this a rap like a magic team
Hurricane Sandy got this (*##$ lights out

She fell asleep then a girl got packed out
It means the type hoes, NBA ^!$$%s wife out
And leave my side (*##$es, ^!$$% what you make out

Mom's out, buzzing the stash, the quite's quiet now
That some pretty on a steep and quite iced out
3 ki's, all 3 cones is smacked out

And I bomb for us, see 40 block and lights out
Word on the street ? (*##$ ^!$$%s saw me
Sent the cops to my door ^!$$% how you it do it cheap?

I ain't beefin with, just you and me
And I split the scene, 16 matching you

Come on, come on?

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