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Hey Mr. lyrics

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Galactic Cowboys lyrics : "Hey Mr."

The rumors of your demise (oh my! oh yes!)
Exaggerated at best (who knows? i guess)
And from what i surmise (oh my! oh yes!)
You've changed the world more or less
(so says the press)

Hey mr. my hat is off to you
Hey mr. my hat is off
I owe it all to you, i owe it all to you

With eloquence on your side (no lie, no way)
Sincerity on your face (alright, ok)
And you look so dignified (no lie, no way)
My doubts are fully displaced (my fears allay)

Trees are greener now
Children laugh out loud
There is peace and harmony again
No pain or poverty
Thanks to your policies
I heard it all on n.p. radio

Then the birds will sing,
"thanks for everything!"
All the hindus bow
"thanks for the holy cows!"
In 2093, they'll curse your legacy
In 2094, they will exhume your corpse

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