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Whoops Kirri lyrics

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FRUITCAKE lyrics : "Whoops Kirri"

Oh yeah baby
Here we go now
Singin' a favorite song my love
I love that song
Hit it

Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops
Everytime I see you
Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops
I want to know you
Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops
Hope you feel the same too
And I go whoops kirri kirri kirri whoops
I think I love you

Baby oh the first time my eyes set upon you
I went crazy running in circles just to know you
Boy don't you tease me pretending you don't see me
Don't be blind, ease my mind, please be kind and love me

(Repeat Chorus)

Whoops kirri kirri to be with you was easy again
A pretty nifty way into your heart my baby
But everytime you're near me my wits run out completely
I'm jittering in misery, I tongue-tied up and I go

(Repeat Chorus 3x)

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